Welcome To Treasure Box

Because your Child’s future is precious.

Treasure Box Child Development Centre was established since year 2000. We are passionately committed to learning, improving and delivering outstanding children. Treasure Box ‘s programme focuses on children’s choices and projects. Its flexibility emphasizes on the child’s individual development.

Our Programme

We provides full day and half day learning and care services for …

  • Age: 18 months to 2 years old
    1 teacher : 4 children
  • Class Size:
  • Age: 2 years to 3 years old
    1 teacher : 7 children
  • Class Size:
  • Age: 3 years to 4 years old
    1 teacher : 9 children
  • Class Size:
Unique Activities That We Cater For Your Child
My Time

An individual personal time to be spent one to one with the teachers through play or reading.

Young Chef Time

Making cooking fun for the young toddlers, learning what is edible and what is not. Through this activity, children will be enhanced in their sensory and cognitive development.

Fun With Paints & Crayons

Children will explore various techniques in using paints and crayons. Children will be engaged in activities such as body painting and string painting etc. Enhancing their fine motor skills and creativity.

My Show Time

Children explore and understand their inner feelings, through puppets, storytelling and self – expressions. These activities allow the children to have better awareness of the own emotional development.

Buddy Time

Social skills plays an important part for the 4 years old, as at this stage friendship play an important factors in their development. Allowing children to have their own time playing with their best buddy in class, will enhance their understanding of sharing and taking turns.

Reader’s Theatre / Reading Presentations

Through stage performances, children learn through role playing and vocal expressions.Confidences and public speaking skills were be instilled.

News Time

Knowing what’s happening around the world, teachers will select relevant news to share with the children. Children will learn to read and share their thoughts about the latest news in group sharing and discussions.